Eleanor Hanwell
Eleanor Hanwell on 24 May 2021

5 Reasons why Animation is great at bringing technology to life

If you’ve read our No Nonsense Guide to Animation you’ll already have a pretty good idea as to the power of animation and how it can be useful. But in this blog, we’re going to delve into what makes animation so great at bringing technology to life.


1 – You can go inside of technology

When filming content, you are restricted to what the camera can see and where it can go. Animation on the other hand allows you to make the impossible, possible! This means we can show processes that might not be possible (or be too expensive) to film, such as what is happening inside of technology. 

In this video for Bromford Industries we were able to use animation to pull one of their machines apart and show all of the different elements, blending this with filmed footage of the machine itself.


2 – You can make it engaging

If you need to create an explainer or how-to guide for an app or web platform, using animation or a blend of filmed footage and animation can be more engaging than filmed footage alone.

For example, it’s much more powerful to use animation to show a process as it gives you the option to showcase and highlight the important elements within the journey. Such as making prominent buttons move so that they really stick in the audiences mind.

We used animation for Residential People’s product explainer so that it is simple, clear and engaging for the audience. 


3 – You can give technology personality

If you’ve ever caught yourself anthropomorphizing (or assigning human traits and motivations to) animated objects before you’ll understand what we mean. It’s actually a pretty common to project human characteristics and motivations onto objects, especially ones that move. 

In animation you can really bring technology alive in this way. For example, when we were creating a video for ElmRep we really wanted to showcase how intelligent their photocopies and other technology is. We used animated text to speak on behalf of the printers and scanners, showing when there was a paper jam or more toner needed.


4 – You can simplify topics

Technology can sometimes be hard to understand, and it can be hard to convey a complicated message through text alone. That’s where animation comes in!

Using animation, a complex message can be shared in the form of a story. Allowing your audience to follow along visually with every aspect of the complex message and retain it. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is completely visual, so using animation as a marketing tool makes sense. 

In this example of an animation for PloughShare we needed to show how their complex technology could assist banks. We did this through a simple traffic light system for the characters, showing using green, amber and red the level in which they were in financial distress. 


5 – You can make it look high-end

With animation every element is created digitally either using digital assets or through recreating real-life objects in a digital environment. This ensures the end result meets expectations without compromise. We can also produce 4K animations, so content always looks sharp no matter where it is played.

If you are selling high-end technology, then ensuring your video content matches the worth of your business is paramount. That’s the approach we took with this 3D photorealistic animation for Stewart Golf. The quality of the animation needed to look slick, high-end and advanced enough to match the product that we were showcasing.


Let’s get animating!

Thanks for reading our top 5 Reasons why Animation is great at bringing technology to life, we hope it’s helped you see how animation might be the best option for your next tech project. 

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