Rachael Buchanan-Hughes
Rachael Buchanan-Hughes on 18 August 2021

5 Reasons Why Podcasting Could Benefit Your Marketing




Whether you enjoy listening to podcasts, have considered getting into podcasting or maybe just think your dulcet tones would be music to your customers' ears - here are 5 reasons why you should consider starting your own podcast.


1. It Allows Your Customer To Multitask

Considering how busy professionals are in the digital age - where reactive content is of the essence and you never seem to have enough time to do everything you need to - podcasts are perfect for multitasking. By producing audio content, your listeners will be able to listen on their commute, while in the office, or even during their lunch break if you’re really captivating and insightful.

Although we immediately consider episodic podcasts with new information as our go-to audio content, there are other methods to connect with your audience. For example, you can create audio versions of your website pages and articles in order that your audience can engage with your written content while multitasking too. 


2. It is Rapidly Growing as a Medium

Did you know that podcasts effectively predate the internet? They go back to the 1980s when people would share their experiences and thoughts via audio recordings called “audio blogging”. Nonetheless, they are still a rapidly growing content tool, and show no signs of slowing down. Over the past decade in the US, the audience for podcasts has steadily grown to nearly triple in size, with Gen Z using streaming audio for 4.8 hours per week.

Podcast listeners are more likely to follow brands and companies on social platforms, indicating the spread and reach of podcasts. This also indicates brand loyalty being enhanced by audio content.


3. It Can Increase Engagement

You can build a more personal connection with your audience when you podcast, as they are an intimate and trusted medium, reaching people in a direct way. In this day and age, people want to know the names, faces and personalities behind their products and services, as demonstrated by the rise in authentic content creators, also known as influencers

Podcasting also gives you the power to be more interactive with your clientele, really digging deeper into what they are looking for from your audio content. Further, playback controls mean the consumer can have command over the content, and dive into topics in smaller bite sized chunks. Equally, with a shorter form podcast you as the host can do this. Overall this leads to more engaged, informed and enlightened customers.


4. It Can Be Fun, Easy, and Different

Podcasting is an easy and fun way to stand out from the crowd. Being able to dial in from anywhere in the world without compromising on quality is a particularly positive aspect of podcasting. Over the seasons of our podcast Success Is In The Mind we’ve had guests dial in from the US to Switzerland to South Africa. When you have passion for your subject as an expert in your industry, sharing that enthusiasm is not only easy, but also fun.


5. It Could Contribute to Voice Search

A large number of households now have at least one Smart Home Voice Control Device in the United Kingdom, with Smart TVs being the most popular smart home product in the world. Voice search is on the up, and what better way to get involved than to provide your information and expertise with the personal touch of your own voice? 

When online shoppers are fast moving to voice assistance for product research, it is a good idea to position yourself with voice-based business models to balance diminishing traditional screen-based revenues. You can already find a podcast on a specific topic with voice search, and podcast SEO could result in being a bridging technology to make content easier to find. Not only can you show you’re an expert in your field, you can also show your brand’s character and begin a relationship with your consumer prior to meeting them. 

This potential future development makes podcasting a clear winner moving forward in your voice marketing - and we are interested to see which voice assistant will win the voice wars by developing the function that will allow listeners search, sample and discover content through shareable bite-sized pieces. 


So, what are you waiting for? Enquire about our podcast studio hire and audio content production services today via the button below, and get cracking on your podcast to be proud of! 

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