Eleanor Hanwell
Eleanor Hanwell on 29 March 2021

5 Ways Animation has Grown During the Pandemic

The pandemic has affected so many different industries negatively, but for animation lockdown has been a boon. For many businesses animation has provided a way to keep creating content for their customers or employees even whilst their team were working from home.

Here’s 5 ways animation has grown during the pandemic and why it’s not going to stop!


1 – It’s non-contact

Filming inevitably means physically going to a location often with other people to capture footage, but with animation there’s none of that. Every element is created digitally, which during the pandemic means it has offered a viable alternative to other types of video content.

Even during lockdown our team have been able to keep working on animation projects for our clients without any issues. With current technology we can work with you (and each other) guiding you through the process so that you feel involved at every step, from storyboards through to the final sign-off.

This continuation of animation has been seen throughout the industry, where films have seen delays in production, animation productions haven’t slowed that much and been able to take advantage of increased demand.

We’re confident that the flexibility of animation will ensure that it will provide a benefit to your business however you evolve in the future.


2 – It can look real (no, seriously)

In some cases, 3D photorealistic animation can provide an alternative to filming. If the focus of your content is a physical product and you are looking to create an explainer, then animation can often provide an alternative to other forms of video.

3D photorealistic animation involves using physical products and high-res images to painstakingly generate three-dimension moving images within a digital environment. They can be used to visualise a concept, bring a product to market or walk an audience through a process as if they were there.

During lockdown we were able to continue some client projects using 3D photorealistic animation and the end result was often even more informative than if it has been filmed. That’s because although this style of animation looks real, it opens up more opportunity to see inside a process, which is often perfect for product explainers.



3 – It’s a safe space

Unlike filmed footage in videos, a concept that is scary, upsetting or awkward when presented through an animated character is instantly a lot less daunting. Using animated animals rather than people can take this even further and help to introduce emotional concepts to an audience in an even less threatening way.

Using animation can help us to connect with the emotions of a story by using visual analogies, helping us to understand and process the emotion without needing to physically ‘live’ through it as you would with other styles of video.

Plus, 2D animations in many ways take us back to the cartoons of our childhood and so instantly feel less threatening, something that has been key during the pandemic. This need to convey emotion in a less threatening way won’t disappear, which makes animation a key tool for businesses in the future.



4 – It’s perfect for eCommerce

With many physical stores having to close their doors, eCommerce is thriving. From websites to apps, online shopping is having a serious moment. Many different industries are starting to do more of their business online and animation can be a great way to showcase this.

eCommerce is about providing an online service and 2D animation can be perfect for creating explainers to show your process to customers. From videos that feature a blend of filmed and animated elements to pure 2D animations, using animation is a great way to walk people through your process.

Using 2D animation we can recreate your website or app and additional elements to help guide users through your process whatever you are selling!



5 – It looks high-end

The pandemic has squeezed many businesses when it comes to creating high-end content. From magazine shoots that have been shot selfie style, to TV adverts showing employees working from home, many businesses have got creative with producing their content. However, without the right equipment or personnel to hand it can be tricky to ensure your content always meets your customers’ expectations.

With animation there are no such worries! Every element is created digitally either using digital assets or through recreating real-life objects in a digital environment. This ensures the end result meets your expectations without compromise. We can also produce 4K animations, so that your animation always looks sharp no matter where it is played.

If you are selling a high-end product or service, then ensuring your video content matches the worth of your business is paramount. That’s why animated content will have a place far into the future.



Let’s get animating!

Thanks for reading our top 5 Ways Animation has Grown During the Pandemic, we hope it’s helped you see how animation might be the best option for your next video project. 


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