Eleanor Hanwell
Eleanor Hanwell on 26 March 2021

5 Ways Animation is a Future-proof Medium

Animation is a highly flexible and future-proof way of engaging your target audience. With greater control of characters, subjects and environments as well as the ability to create scenes that are often impossible, or too expensive, with video it deserves a place in your content toolbox.

Still not sold on the power of animation? Well, you will be after reading the 5 ways that show animation is a future-proof medium.


1 – It’s easy to make changes

Rebranding? No problem! Logos and colours can be changed in animation without the need for expensive reshoots. In animation we can amend and refine until the content is right.

Although it’s best to have a clear storyboard concept for animation, it is much easier to make changes to overall structure, transitions and more throughout the process than in live video where in post-production editors can only work within the confines of what footage has been filmed.


2 – You can create things that are unfilmable

The only limit with animation is your imagination! Unlike with video, where you are limited by what is physically possible or what you can film within your budget, with animation you create everything from scratch which opens up your possibilities.

From the overall look and feel of the animation to the individual elements such as characters, colours and scenery, when creating animated content, you can control all of these as well as timings, transitions, soundtrack and more.


3 – It’s non-contact

No, that doesn’t mean you don’t speak to us at all! Just like with our video content you’ll have a producer who will work with you from the beginning of the process right through to sign off.

But unlike video content where we might need to send a crew to film your location and staff, with animation we create everything in-house. We might need to you send us digital and physical assets, but we can complete the whole process with you via Zoom, phone and email if needed.

During lockdown we were able to keep working on animation projects remotely from our clients (and each other) without any issues, so we’re confident that however the world of work evolves in the future, the flexibility of animation will ensure that it will provide a benefit to your business.


4 – It’s great for showcasing technology

Technology is progressing at an ever-increasing rate. Complex technology can sometimes be hard to explain or for customers to visualise. That’s where animation comes in!

3D photorealistic animation for example, can help to show exactly how technology works, such as visualising what happens inside a machine during use. Whereas 2D animation can be used effectively to create simple explainers for websites and apps.

Using animation for a product or service explainer or how to guide can help your audience to remember more of the information shared. For example, video viewers retain 95% of a message compared to those simply reading.


5 – Technology is always improving

Animation is used so extensively throughout so many industries that the technology behind animations is improving all the time, meaning the quality of what can be created is increasing every day.

From 3D photorealistic animations to 2D recreations of websites and apps, with current technology it’s becoming harder and harder to tell what’s animation and what’s filmed and this is only set to improve in the future.


Let’s get animating!

Thanks for reading our top 5 Ways Animation is a Future-proof Medium, we hope it’s helped you to consider your next animation project. 


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