Eleanor Hanwell
Eleanor Hanwell on 26 March 2021

5 Ways to Sell More Through Video

A staggering 78% of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales. If you want to join this group but don’t know where to start then this is the blog for you!

We’ll be sharing our top 5 Ways to Sell More Through Video to help you get the most from your investment.


1 – Have a clear strategy

If you’ve not used video content before then it can be intimidating. As marketers we know we need to use video content, but we don’t necessarily know ‘how’ best to use it to get sales. The answer is in approaching it as you would any other type of content – with a clear strategy.

You shouldn’t be thinking about video content until you have answered:

  1. Who are you targeting?
  2. How can you reach them? 
  3. What is your goal?
  4. What is your investment?
  5. How can you track your ROI?

Video might not be the answer for every piece of communication with your target market. Having a clear overall marketing strategy can help you to see where video can bring benefits alongside your other marketing activity. 

Once you have this then you will have clear goals for your video content and the tracking in place to ensure it is working.


2 – Have a clear call to action

There’s no point in creating the world’s greatest video if potential customers don’t know what to do once it is over! Great videos include a call to action, so that viewers know what their next step is.

Part of your clear strategy should include thinking of your goal, the next step you want your target market to take once the video is over. Whether this is visiting your website, purchasing your product, signing up to a webinar or something else entirely, you need to include this call to action in the video.

But just including a call to action isn’t enough, you also need to be tracking this so that you know how many conversions you get through your video and can optimise it and make improvements in the future.

3 – Optimise for your platform

As part of your strategy, you’ll have thought about how you can reach your target market. This should include where your video should be shared in order to reach your potential customers and fulfil your goal.

Not every marketing platform is equal, and videos need to be optimised depending on where they are used or posted. If you need to use your video in multiple places, then you may need different versions for each platform.

Here are some things to think about:

  1. Video length – a Facebook video should ideally be no longer than a minute, whereas a YouTube video should be between 6-8 minutes. Understanding the ideal length of a video for each platform is key. When in doubt keep it short and sweet!
  2. Landscape, square or portrait – square videos can work better on mobile devices and social media whereas on your website a landscape video may work better. Knowing where a video will be viewed and on what device may impact the ratio you choose for your video.
  3. Native or embedded content – uploading a video to social media platforms will result in better engagement, whereas embedding a video to your website from YouTube may help page loading speed. Make sure you think about where you are sharing to and how for better engagement.
  4. Use subtitles – whether your video is in an email, on social media or at a busy event stand, subtitles can help to ensure your video is inclusive and your message is received. After all, 85% of video on Facebook is watched without sound.


4 – Use your words

Your keywords that is. With YouTube the second biggest search engine in the world, making sure that you utilise keywords within your video content is, well, key!

It’s important to think about keywords that relate to your videos goal. To ensure you make the most of your video’s keywords, share your video on YouTube where applicable to reach a greater audience.

Ensure you are using keywords for:

  1. Video title 
  2. Video description
  3. Alt text for your video thumbnail
  4. Video tags 


5 – Tell a story

Who doesn’t love a story? Storytelling has been used throughout the ages as a way to pass knowledge from generation to generation. It’s why we can remember that Cinderella had a glass slipper, that Goldilocks broke baby bears chair but not always how to work out percentages or all of the elements in the periodic table. 

If you can communicate via a story, then your audience is more likely to be engaged and remember your message. The most effective videos speak to their viewers emotions, which is why storytelling is so important. 

Think about the following:

  1. What is your brand story?
  2. What heroine and scenario are your product or service the hero of?


Let’s get your next video made

Thanks for reading our top 5 Ways to Sell More Through Video, we hope it’s helped you to think about new ways to approach video to increase your sales. 

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