Eleanor Hanwell
Eleanor Hanwell on 15 July 2021

Focus on Onsite Production

Video content works. In fact 78% of video marketers say video has directly helped them increase sales. Whether you are already using video or are in the 17% who don’t know where to start with video, you need to make sure the video you create gives you a return on your investment. 

This means understanding what you are looking to communicate and the best way you can utilise video for your end goals. To help you, all this month we’re going to look at different types of video production and how and when you should use them. This blog considers the benefits of onsite production.


What is Onsite Production?

Another type of ‘Field Production’, onsite production means filming in an office or set location that relates to the client. 

This means filming in offices, warehouses, shops that are open to the public and more! Each of these spaces comes with it’s own unique set of challenges when it comes to the production. Equally important is the blend of footage from different locations, as often onsite productions are filming in multiple locations including indoor and outdoor.


Benefits and Challenges of Onsite Production

Ultimately with onsite production you are working in spaces that are not designed for filming and part of the challenge is doing everything possible to make these spaces look as good as possible in the footage. Whether the challenge is fluorescent lighting or small spaces, it is about having the equipment required to capture the best video possible whilst making the least amount of disruption.

The equipment used for onsite filming needs to be small, portable and lightweight. Small and powerful lighting that can work in multiple locations is important as is the right audio equipment, such as lapel or shotgun mics. The key is that the equipment lends itself to the flexibility needed for a multi-location setup.


When to Use Onsite Production

For videos where you are covering a specific process that takes place in a particular location or where you are trying to showcase your company brand and culture, you will need to capture footage onsite. 


Examples of Onsite Production

Alleyns School for example wanted us to capture footage of their sports facilities and although we were able to plan in advance the spaces and sports being filmed, our production team were challenged with less than perfect weather conditions (for the students as well as the crew) and overhead fluorescent lighting. A big part of the production was in making sure the students remained upbeat despite the weather and that the overall video looked consistent even though it was a blend of indoor and outdoor footage.


For Lignia we needed to capture their relationship with Spirit Yachts including footage of the manufacturing process of LIGNIA wood, interviews with team members as well as footage of the yachts themselves. Part of this production included using drone footage, which as the yachts were in port, came with plenty of its own challenges!


For Barratt Development we needed to film both onsite at one of their housing developments, inside the manufacturing site of the Tommy Figures and at the offices of both Barratt Developments and RBLI. As many of these locations were working sites, this came with plenty of health and safety challenges as well the need to match internal lit footage with external.



We hope this blog has helped you understand onsite production and when this style of production might work for you. Come back next week when we’ll be focusing on lifestyle production.

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