PinPoint Media
PinPoint Media on 2 December 2020

PinPoint Media 2020 Christmas Film

After a year dominated by Zoom calls, PinPoint Media has decided to put a twist on this format for their 2020 Christmas Film – ‘The Thing’. 

Following on from previous successful Christmas campaigns, such as charity film Molly Olly’s – Rhy’s Story in 2019 and the Christmas Bake-Off from 2018, the PinPoint Media team produced their Zoom Christmas film ‘The Thing’ in-house.

With the Coronavirus pandemic seeing many businesses pivot to homeworking, Zoom has seen a steady rise in usage during the year. Now over 40,000 businesses are estimated to be using the tool and many have struggled with the move to digital meetings.

From embarrassing backgrounds to Zoom bombing, technical issues to mute button mishaps – most of us have experienced issues. ‘The Thing’ Christmas film seeks to light-heartedly highlight some of these experiences.

With Fergus trying desperately to share ‘The Thing’ with the team despite many distractions, will the team get the message?