Rachael Buchanan-Hughes
Rachael Buchanan-Hughes on 6 August 2021

Supercharge Your Video Content with the 4 Micro-Moments

Today have you used your phone to check the time? Perhaps in the last week you’ve smelt some food and turned to your mobile to look up that cuisine for future reference. Maybe in the last month you’ve checked the news on your device for when you might soon be able to book a holiday.

Google defines these as micro-moments; “intent rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped”

There are four different types of micro-moments that each link to a stage in the Buyer's Journey. We're delving into each micro-moment type and how you can use these to shape your video content and market yourself for each step of the Buyer's Journey.


1 - I Want To Know

This is where your buyer wants to KNOW something, and often needs to be educated. Time and again when we are debating something, be it in the pub or the office, suddenly we have the burning desire to know the answer rather than speculate. This explains why 91% of people use smartphones to look up info in the middle of a task - you need to know and you need to know now!

It could be the missing ingredient for pancake batter:


Or who won bronze in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics BMX Freestyle (it was Declan Brooks by the way):


Producing video content for when someone needs to be educated means catering to the Awareness Stage of the Buyer's Journey. This style of content helps you to position yourself as an expert when the buyer is aware that they have a problem… even if they aren’t looking to solve it yet.


  • 2 - I Want To Go 

This micro-moment links into our desire for experiential living - a scarcity over the last 18 months! We learn, explore and research in order to have a better grasp on where we want to GO. Knowing before you go is essential for so many people in today’s world. Just getting a little idea of what is to come sparks excitement and encourages anticipation. 

For example, how often have you checked out past festivals before you book to go to the next one?


Or checked out Google maps and street view for where you’re off on holiday?


Just as you would clean your home, you want to make sure your website and social platforms are receptive, accessible and engaging should someone drop by. You want to spark excitement and anticipation for your product or service, so that when the buyer is in the Consideration Stage of the Buyer’s Journey, and questioning how to solve their problem, it’s clear your solution is the best fit.


  • 3 - I Want To Do

The third micro-moment is when someone wants to DO something. You are an expert on your product or service, so this is a prime opportunity to give a bit of insight and provide instruction to those who are a little lost. 

It could be a ‘How To…’ video for Dutch braids:


Or to help you showcase you are an authoritative figure in your industry:


This puts you in the buyer’s mind during the Awareness Stage of their journey when they're considering methods to solve their problem. Furthermore if you’ve informed the buyer of a method to fix the problem but you can also provide a longer term solution, you are in the prime position to move forward to the Decision Stage of the Buyer’s Journey.


  • 4 - I Want To Buy

The final step is the purchase moment; the moment in which a customer wants to BUY! You need to position your content so it crops up when your buyer reaches the Decision Stage of the Buyer’s Journey. The “I want to buy” micro-moment is crucial, specifically because so many consumers aren’t brand committed. Your TikTok, YouTube video or advert needs to be there and then as it helps your buyer make the decision to buy, and leads to them pulling out their pennies…

You need to be the main resource for your customer’s needs (or indeed their wants); this is where the final micro-moment comes into play:



So, there you have it - the four types of micro-moments and how they fit into the Buyer’s Journey. We as marketers must be providing engaging content at all of the moments, to ensure our efforts are relevant and of interest, especially as we have such a short time to capture our audience’s attention.

Do you need help creating content for each micro-moment and each stage of the Buyer’s Journey? That’s what we create with you at PinPoint Media. From the creative and artistic to the implementation of your content strategy, we are here to help!

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