Oliver Bruce
Oliver Bruce on 1 October 2020

Is the ‘new normal’ live, virtual and hybrid?

As the pandemic continues companies large and small continue to look at what is a sustainable way to communicate consistently. The problem is, the need for clear communication has increased, not decreasing, our clients are in need of far more regular communications than during normal operating conditions.

With the constant bombardment of zoom links, half hearted ‘webinars’ and screenshared PowerPoints it’s no surprise people are starting to disengage with companies who communicate in such a bland and vanilla way. The real art to effective virtual communication is engagement.

We’ve worked with some of the country’s biggest brands over the last 6 months creating engaging, informative, immersive experiences for delegates, staff and prospects from the comfort of their own homes (or offices)…

Here are our top tips for self hosting a live broadcast or virtual event:

  1. It’s vital we should be able to see the presenter. Whoever is presenting needs to be in a presentation mode – let’s see the whites of those eyes!
  2. Images should be interesting, relevant and not stay on the screen for too long, audience participation is a great way of maintaining engagement, request comments, questions or even images. Depending on platform, why not try a virtual quiz?
  3. Timing is critical; always leave the audience wanting more (not bored). You would never see a TV chat show run for longer than 1 hour.
    • You need to control audience gaze, use a multi device strategy including screen breaks, content delivered on smartphones and tablets, and interactive breakouts that move you away from the screen.

Judge us on what we’ve done, not what we say we can do. Recently we’ve worked on a variety of projects broadcasting a global brand to over 32 countries, streaming a school speech day to parents and students at home as well as updating a FTE100 PLC’s shareholders for their annual AGM. This form of Media is totally bespoke, totally budget orientated and totally accessible.

We have the ability to produce broadcast level stability, simultaneous multi-platform delivery and the highest quality encoding on the web. Our direct to delegate offering comes in many forms. Offering a range of live streaming services such as social media streaming, 2 way streaming between sites, VR, 360-degree streaming, corporate webcasting and much more. Being experts in delivering to huge numbers of viewers and platforms without fault means that you have the ability to hook your audience across a range of platforms, whilst keeping them engaged and interacting throughout With the ability to ensure security and privatisation for any broadcast as well as full delegate management as well as bespoke hosting we are able to tailor packages to suit entirely.

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