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PinPoint Media on 17 March 2021

Vision. Investment. Growth.

Originally published in Business & Innovation Magazine



This February one of the largest content production companies in the South West launched it’s new-look ‘no nonsense. Just business sense’ vision for online content creation.

Founded by entrepreneur Oliver Bruce in 2013 and no stranger to being disruptive, PinPoint Media has thrown out its old rhetoric for a new, more scalable version, PinPoint Media – No nonsense. Just business sense.

With the new slogan comes a new logo, a bigger head office, and an enhanced recruitment strategy as well as aggressive expansion plans in not only the South West but London and Manchester also.

Whilst so many brands and businesses are holding o_ investing due to uncertainty, PinPoint Media are doing quite the opposite investing over £1million in 2021 into their vision and growth plans something Oliver likes to call “Observing the masses and doing the opposite”.

Like most businesses, PinPoint Media’s service offerings have developed over the years and are set to continue to do so throughout 2021 and beyond. This year will see them provide three exciting new services and offer their clients what the team like to call ‘intelligent content’. This is part of the new ‘Blue Ocean’ strategy enabling the team to explore uncharted waters and innovative gaps in the market.

One of the biggest issues with any content that’s created for brands is trackability and proof of ROI. Recognising this PinPoint Media have launched a Content Strategy arm to the business. Designed to enable trackable and measurable KPI’s for clients when publishing content, the methods used showcase a clear spend vs return ultimately dictating the success of a campaign. As well as having launched their Content Strategy arm they’ve also been approved by Hubspot as an Agency Partner. Since the end of 2020, the PinPoint Media team have been using Hubspot internally and have seen first-hand the power that it can offer clients.

Achieving Hubspot Partner status approves them to provide onboarding and further integrated strategic support through helping their clients to implement an inbound strategy whilst making the most of the complex sales and marketing tools Hubspot has to offer.

With a new department comes fresh blood…

In January Tim Jarvis joined PinPoint Media as the Head of Content Strategy, overseeing and building out a team who will ensure client productions and campaigns are distributed and strategically put in front of the exact audience! Tim has already been involved in content strategy overviews, implementation and rollout for a range of clients and boasts a back catalogue of experience having worked for the likes of Shell and St Johns Ambulance on campaign optimisation.

A logical and somewhat expected move following the successful undertaking of several national and international live streams during the pandemic. PinPoint Media will also be launching a Live and Hybrid-Event offerings.

With live video set to account for 13% of traffic by 2021 (Cisco), PinPoint Media are primed to offer their clients a range of Live content choices so they can deliver the content their customers, delegates and employees desire.

One of the more up and coming mediums PinPoint Media are set to offer clients is that of Podcast production and distribution. Within their new offices the team have designed and fitted out a bespoke, soundproof podcast studio called Studio43 with space for 4 guests and a producer as well as the ability to record remotely, enabling for global guests to join the fun!

The desire to rollout Podcasting to their clients comes after the enormous success of their own brand podcast ‘Success Is In The Mind’ which saw itself rank in the top 50 podcasts on Apple for entrepreneurship. The topic of the podcast is entrepreneurialism and realism in a world full of idealism. With the number of podcasts having doubled in recent years, growing from 500,000 to more than 1 million this is definitely a growing market.

Managing Director Oliver Bruce says the reason behind the complete overhaul and the primary focus on ‘intelligent content’ is “due to the seismic shift in the consumption of media and content as a whole the pandemic threw up last year. The way people react and accept content has changed forever. It won’t be long before those that just make ‘pretty’ will be left behind. If it isn’t measurable and doesn’t deliver, forget it, we call this Intelligent Content.



With any plan to scale significant investment is required and it’s no exception here. During 2021 PinPoint Media have plans to grow staffing to between 40-50 heads whilst doubling their turnover and building out a larger, more permanent presence in London. Assisting with the London expansion is another recent hire, Business Development Director Amy Green who will be based in London. Amy said,

Pinpoint Media are at a pivotal point of exciting growth within the industry. I am extremely honoured to be part of this journey. Putting strategy and meaningful content at the core of everything we create for our clients, our no nonsense approach will certify a return on investment for our clients and take them on a valuable journey proving what intelligent content can do for their business or brand!

Not only is expanding in London underway but the team have also upped sticks from their Royal Crescent Head Office and moved to prime town centre real-estate, 43-45 Promenade.

The new office is not only three times the size of their previous but also boasts fantastic views of Cheltenham’s iconic Promenade, a highly entertaining ping pong table, Podcast studio, edit suites and bar aptly named the “Gold Cup Bar” in homage to the festival.

The move to an open plan layout sees PinPoint Media go from regency to agency, allowing for a collaborative approach between staff and clients. “With challenge comes change and the last 12 months have been no exception” says Oliver Bruce. PinPoint Media have decided to implement flexi working to allow it’s team the optimum work life balance, something both Directors, Oliver and Fergus, learnt was key during the lockdown.

With an already vastly experienced pool of talent, PinPoint Media are currently recruiting for even more talented future team members, from Producers and Account Managers to Creative Directors and Designers. These roles will all be filled over the next 6-12 months.

Service, quality and deliverability is key to everything PinPoint Media stands for and ensuring there’s a wealth of experience at our clients fingertips should go without saying. As we scale we need to ensure our management structure is robust to ensure employee satisfaction and engagement at all times” Says Oliver.

Not only are hires on the horizon but apprenticeships are too! PinPoint Media have successfully been accepted into the Government’s Kickstart scheme and have already started onboarding 6 Kickstart Apprentices ranging from Assistant Producers and Vloggers to Marketing Assistants and Podcast Researchers. With a view of keeping on post apprenticeship those that show flare and are willing.



With online video consumption increasing yearly, predicts the average person will view 100 minutes of online video content per day in 2021 – up 19% from 2019, so the team at PinPoint Media are aware that the world of online digestible content is not slowing yet.

With so many exciting changes coming up, we’ll be keeping a close eye on PinPoint Media this year and so should you.

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